FBI Distinguishes Marijuana Dispersion Ring in Broward County, Florida


Coral Springs, FL. (2015) – The principle suspect, Jordan Campo, was seventeen at the time of the examination started and was captured the day after his eighteenth birthday.

Jordan Campo regulates with a part of a hydroponic marijuana supply group in the South Florida area. Campo was marketing the drugs from one place to another around South Florida. The United States Government had several leads to Jordan Campo from with a drug informant suspect that helped the Federal Bureau Investigation team to Campo. Campo had links to other drug suspects all around the world, especially California and Colorado.

Once Campo was apprehended, in late October, this opened a new investigation that could have been a coast-to-coast hydroponic marijuana variation system. Campo had drug growers around the West Coast and the South Coast that produces this hydroponic marijuana.

This case began in June of 2015 when Jordan Campo was only seventeen at the time of the investigation. The Federal Bureau-Investigation informant met with Jordan Campo that used the alias of V.B. made sure to have an underhanded intention when he was communicating with the informant that goes by the alias S-1. Campo also told the F.B.I. Informant (S-1) that he wanted him to work with him on the preparation of a home invasion break-in. The home invasion was for a competitor that distributes narcotics all over the place in South Florida.

On the second meeting, Campo told the informant and the undercover officer that he was upset with his out of town distributor. The out of town distributor was telling Campo that he will not sell to anyone else besides him. F.B.I. Informant (S-1) and a concealed law

Enforcement officer met up with Campo. The informant (S-1) and his friend (undercover law enforcement officer) advised Campo that they will do the home invasion.

Jordan Campo gave the...

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