screw press

screw press

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screw press

oil extraction

oil refinery

oil press machinery

he screw press everyone is familiar with, in people's daily lives, the demand for edible oil every day and ultimately, every meal is inseparable. Today, international and domestic edible oil prices, and high. To encourage farmers to widely grown oil crops, increase farmers' income, the state oil growers planting subsidy policy has been implemented, oil crops will harvest every year, so start oil extraction workshop for farmers and processing oil, will become popular gold industry !
Currently, the edible oil market is divided by the production process is divided into two kinds of oil extraction and exploitation of oil. Leaching oil is soaked with a chemical solvent oil, then by complex processes derived, commonly known as "salad." This oil in the refining process of oil lost nutrients, chemical solvents and toxic residues, people have gradually alienated "salad." Squeezing oil completely rely purely physical extrusion machinery, without any chemical solvents. This oil is the greatest degree of assurance of oil nutrients and authentic, pure "green, natural, nutrition, health" has gradually become the main living edible oil, a huge market prospects, whoever first to enter the oil extraction industry, processing of agricultural products who will scrape the pot of gold!
Henan Xinfeng demanding higher quality screw press, screw press all adopt international famous brand electrical appliances West Germany, the national giant screw press motor with copper motor, transmission gears using thermal forged parts, press pressing bolts using cr12 abrasive steel, to all customers nationwide minimum guaranteed yield of 40 kilograms, Zhengzhou Xinfeng screw press, superior design, quality assurance.

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