Pride and Prejudice Videovsbook

Pride and Prejudice Videovsbook

Pride and Prejudice

When I heard that we were planning to watch the video of Pride of Prejudice, I groaned and let a big sigh come out of my mouth. Everyone strongly inspired me that the movie itself is far better than the book. Still, I wasn¡¯t satisfied, but the teacher compelled me to watch it. Reluctantly, I did as her wish. I wondered, as the teacher was rewinding the movie, whether the movie would be decent because of the fact that the book was so much, indescribably boring.

However, on the other side of my brain, I had this thought that kept telling me that the movie would be far better, so I gave it a try. I think that the teacher knew my mind and had sympathy for me that she gave us three giant bags of popcorns. To tell the truth, when the movie was going, I was more intrigued with the popcorn than the movie; the ingredient, and how to cook it. However, the teacher again told me to look at the TV screen, so I was bound to look at the TV screen forced by the sinister teacher.

The class watched approximately half of the video. I was kind of interested in it because there weren¡¯t as many as description and dialogues as the book. By the way, this was the first time the movie being more intriguing than the piece of writing. I also liked the actors because they always had the right face expression which was vital to the movie. Why the book was so boring was that first able, it was too long. If it was font like Harry Potter, it would have been about five hundred pages. It also tired my poor eyes as I was wrinkling my eyes to look at the tiny newspaper-sized letters. Also, there were too many narrations. Once, the narration was so long that it took 5 pages of the whole book! Incredulous! All these reasons added up and were the recipe of my trip to the dream land.

Nevertheless, the movie itself was satisfying. There were many funny parts that I laughed so hard. Some made me not pay attention and just munch on my popcorn,...

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