Problem Solution Coastal County Clerk Scenario

Problem Solution Coastal County Clerk Scenario

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Problem Solution: Coastal County Clerk of Court
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Coastal County Clerk of Court
Coastal County's Clerk of Court provides the county’s clerical and administrative services during a time when the area saw major growth. In addition to these services, the Clerk also acts as the county's Constitutionally-chartered Chief Financial Officer. For many years, the city continued to support Art Brewer in the position by re-electing him over the years. Brewer was not only knowledgeable about the county and the people living there, but also, because he ran an efficient operation in the COC’s office and maintained low operating costs. One reason for Art's low operating costs was his failure to incorporate technology throughout the 1990s; Coastal County only used computer systems when absolutely required to do so by the State of Florida. Art did not encourage use of the Internet or external sourcing as ways to provide cost-effective county services; he did not even use the state-sponsored mail-in vehicle license program until the State mandated it be used. Art felt the small town didn’t need that much technology because many folks still handled their business in person. Over the years, Coastal County has developed into an ever-expanding retirement hot spot and population has grown tremendously. As more people began relocating, development Northern Florida retirees began flocking to the Amber Beach coast. Newcomers to the city were not used to the inconvenience of not having options when it came to handling necessary business in city offices like the Clerk of Court. It wasn’t long before the growing public opinion spotlighted the flaws in the Clerk of Court’s office policies. They felt Brewer and his office staff needed to enter the tech era, whether they wanted to or not (Clerk of Court Scenario, 2009).
In response, Brewer decides to not run for...

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