Problem Solution: Global Communications

Problem Solution: Global Communications

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications
“Technology and globalization continue to change how people communicate and relate to one another and it is important for managers to keep up with these new trends and ensure that good communication prevails,” (US Fed News Service, 2007). Global Communications has faced financial falls that have led them to step up their technology and globalization, but in the race, their organizational communication has depleted.
In their excitement of the Board of Directors approving an outsourcing plan, the Senior Leadership Team has left the Union leaders out of the decision making process. They were faced with a very disgruntled union leader having heard the plans via grapevine. These decisions can not be changed, and the damage caused can not be repaired. Global Communications is now in a position they must rebuild their organizational communication to keep up with the company, as they try to regain a competitive advantage with other companies, they must also rebuild their relationship with employees and build communication across the organization.
Global Communications has an immediate need for strengthening and creating organizational communication. By addressing communication barriers, and taking necessary steps to connect with the organization, while remembering the interests of different stakeholder groups, Global Communications will attempt to become adept at organizational communication. They will address barriers such as the grapevine, filtering, workplace structure, and lack of communication directly between the employees and the senior leadership team. Bench marking the best practices will help as they attempt to find the best communication medium for moving information up, down and across the organization. These steps will guide Global Communications to become adept at...

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