Process Design Matrix

Process Design Matrix

Process Design Matrix and Summary
CVS Caremark and prescription medications

Monday, May, 18,2015

Process Design Matrix and Summary
CVS Caremark and prescription medicationsare selected as a service and product for identifying suitable process design approaches. For managing effective services and delivering on-site service, there are three types of ways including product line , the self-service and the personal attention (Larson & Gray, 2006).
Product line approach
CVS/Caremark provides prescription medications for many people across the country. The approach is through three different methods, retail pharmacy, where a consumer can talk to a pharmacist about possible side effects or drug interactions. Over the phone where someone can refill their prescriptions every day at any hour. Online, where one can order their prescriptions from a computer or smartphone. The ease and convenience of order your medications and having them delivered to your home is a godsend to people who cannot get to their pharmacy for convenience or health reasons (“CVS Caremark Corporation,” 2011).
Self service
With the abilty of having control over ordering medications that are prescribed, a person can talk to someone at any time day or night to order their prescriptions if they have no access to online capabilities. CVS/Caremark can accomidate those needs for people. Another utilization of self service is that the customer can go to their local CVS pharmacy to pick up their product if the delivery is delayed in many areas of the country, people are less than three miles from a CVS which is a great asset to many people (“CVS Caremark Corporation,” 2011).

Personal attention approach
The personal attention approach is instilled in all employees of CVS. CVS takes great care in assisting cutomers whether it is online, over the phone, or face-face. CVS assists...

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