Product Costing: Kambrook Power Board

Product Costing: Kambrook Power Board

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Product Costing: KAMBROOK Power Board |
MIET 2116 – Professional Practice 4 |
Frederick Rebello, s3191273Akila Ekanayake, s3191360Thilina Fernando, s3176454 |

A detailed summary of the total cost required to produce a KAMBROOK 4 Point Power Board |

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Manufacturing Processes 4
Injection molding 4
Compression molding process 5
Processing Steps Diagram 6
Advantages and Disadvantages of Compression Molding 6
Wire Production 8
Conductor Rails 10
Data Collection 11
WebSite Material 11
Literature 12
Cost Estimation Procedure 13
Material Properties 13
Material Properties continued. 14
Process Parameters 15
Cost Summary 17
Conclusion 18


Our team has collectively chosen to identify and develop all costs associated with the manufacturing process of a Kensington Power Board.

More specifically, we will concentrate on the unit cost. This includes:

The cost of raw materials which in this case is forms of metals, plastics and rubbers total six separate materials. Their respective manufacturing processes will be determined and assessed for cost. The labour cost of these processes as well as all sundry expenses such as the hire of special equipment, power consumption, supporting labor, machine maintenance, and other overheads such as insurance. The cost of sourcing OEM parts will also be considered.

This product is a household common appliance which has not been re-engineered for many years. Thus we have decided to determine and perhaps lower the cost per piece. We will concentrate on the manufacturing process itself and disregards costs associated with marketing, administration, distribution and packaging.

Each individual component will be analyzed within the group for the manufacturing process used as well...

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