Project Budget

Project Budget

Project Task List

Carrie Warnecke

CMGT 410
August 4, 2014
Adam Hawlk
University of Phoenix

Redrum Rage, Inc.

Subject: Redrum Rage Inc.'s Project Budget

The go ahead has been giving to move forward with the two-day offsite training for the branch managers and management I have put together a proposed budget pricing guideline for Redrum Rage Inc.’s training sessions that are set to begin in August of this year. In addition, I will be discussing the milestones and duration for the budget to give all of you an idea of the time frame and what resources will be needed in order to accomplish our goal: training the management on the new compliance system. The proposed total duration of these training exercises will be in the ballpark of three months. This is to ensure that resources will be coordinated, a qualified training crew will be hired, and for the software to be integrated.
This budget will cover the cost of the trainer, accommodations, materials needed for the training, and any other monetary expenditures necessary to complete the training. A median trainer will cost $27.33 an hour (U.S. Department of Labor), at eight hours each of the two-day training the trainer will cost $437.28 for the two days. The managers will be getting paid a training pay rate of $15.00 an hour. There are a total of 16 managers attending for a total of $3,840.00. Next the accommodations for trainer and 16 managers at the Double Tree Inn will cost $279.00 (one room) for the trainer and $274.00 (8 two bedrooms) for the managers who will be staying two to a room. This will run $2,255. Then the cost of the banquet room to hold the trainings in will cost $1,000 (special pricing), luckily the hotel has audio/video equipment that will be rolled into the cost of the rooms and banquet hall. Next hardware purchases will need to be made in order to accommodate the amount of people that will be involved in the project, while the...

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