Prospective of Intercultural Communication

Prospective of Intercultural Communication

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Prospective of Intercultural CommunicationWhat the Movie of Outsourced Told

Abstract :

1 Review the movie of Outsourced

When Todd arrives in India, he experiences culture shock: he is confused by everything from catching a train to hiring a taxi.

Through his team of quirky Indian call center workers, Todd soon realizes that he also has a lot to learn, not only about India culture but also about himself. Todd's objective is to reduce the time needed to complete the average call from 12 minutes to six. If his team can not achieve this, his boss will not let him back to US.

One day Todd gets caught in Holi, a celebration of colors. He initially tries to run away from the people throwing colored powders and water balloons at him, but he finally joins in the celebration and has fun. He then submerges himself in the village lake and emerges, things begin to change, he now tries to accept the India culture.

Since then, Todd tries to respect his team member, he allows workers to bring pictures and figurines from their home, and dress as they please. He also try to please workers by getting the products they're selling. Todd makes a deal that the worker with the best Minutes Per Incident (MPI) will get to pick the product of his choice from the treasure box.

During the tour of retrieving their goods, Asha explains why statuette of the goddess of destruction (Kali) is everywhere which is Todd puzzled.

In this movie, it unveils a lot of culture collision between America and India, including the religions, beliefs, customs, conventions, languages, ceremonies, arts, values and the way of life.

2 What we learn from the case

Todd dives into India without any preparation of India culture, so he experiences culture shock, but when he realizes the culture differences, and there no more choices for him, the only thing he can do is adapting himself to the local culture.

As audiences of the movie, we can learn from it, if we are required to do...

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