Prospecto It in Agriculture in Bangladesh

Prospecto It in Agriculture in Bangladesh

Term Paper
Call Center and VoIP Security

Information Security Management Systems

Letter of Transmittal

Mr. Md. Helaluddin Ahmed
Assistant Professors
Dept of Management Information Systems,
University of Dhaka,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dear Sir,
Here is the term paper on “Call Center and VoIP Security” that you orally authorized to prepare as a part of our course, Information Security Management Systems.

It is a peace of good luck to prepare this report under your guidance since it gave us the opportunity to know about Call Center and VoIP Security. It has provided us the opportunity to gather realistic knowledge about Call Center Security. We have tried our best to compile the information for you as comprehensive as possible.

We hereby want to mention that this paper may be used for further research.

We have really enjoyed preparing this paper. We will be pleased to provide further clarification on this report when ever necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Golam Ahammad---60610-03-016
Amit Azad------------60712-05-040
Ashraful Huda-------60712-05-048
Md. Masud Rana----60712-05-049
Md. Nazmul Huq----60712-05-050


We are grateful to our great course coordinator Mr. Md. Helaluddin Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, University of Dhaka, for helping us preparing this term paper and sharing us his valuable experience. It is our pleasure to get him as a teacher of this course. He motivated us properly to do the term paper on Call Center and VoIP Security. Without his direction it was not possible for us to finish this paper.

We are also grateful to all of my classmates who really encourage and help us to prepare this paper.

Executive Summery

Call center referring to a company phone center that handles such services as help desk, customer support, lead generation, emergency response, telephone answering service, inbound response and outbound...

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