Developmental Milestones: Birth to Age Two

Unit 5


Birth to Age 1
Age 1 to Age 2
Physical and Motor
1. Lifts head
Strategy: Place baby on tummy to encourage lifting head
2. Crawl
Strategy: Set babies favorite toy out of reach
3. Wave bye
Strategy: You wave to them and say goodbye all the time
1. Points to items
Strategy: Place interesting objects in toddler’s environment
2.Starts walking
Strategy: Hold the child’s hand and walk with them
3.Rolls balls
Strategy: roll balls with the child even if they don’t do it back right away.

Social and Emotional
1.Respond to own name
Strategy: Say their name and point to them.
2. Start smiling at familiar people
Strategy: Smile at them, they will mimic you
3. Listens to voices talking
Strategy: talking to the baby as often as possible to encourage talking and listening
1.Says first words
Strategy: Speak properly and often to the child
2.Social Interaction
Strategy: Helping pick up toys and using language like please and thank you
3.Playing toy phone
Strategy: Child’s imagination comes to life
Cognitive and Language
1.Read to the baby
Strategy: Reading to the baby helps promote thought development
2.Give them a toothbrush
Strategy: Show them the proper way to use it
3.Babbling sounds likes ‘real words’
Strategy: Talk to the infants using real words so they can learn the proper meaning
1.Recognizes self in mirror
Strategy: set child in front of mirror often
Strategy: Have music time throughout day and dance along with child
3. Match Similar Items
Strategy: Show two items are alike and repeat it to the child.
Strategy: Give them something to chew on
Strategy: Calm the infant

Strategy: Explain to child that hitting is not ok
Strategy: Redirect the child to play with something else

Typically children develop at the same rate. Some children may be a...

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