PSY 201 UOP Course Tutorial/UOPhelp

PSY 201 UOP Course Tutorial/UOPhelp

PSY 201 Week 1 Assignment Testing a Theory

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Write at least 300 words describing a recent time when you had to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work, school, or even at home, such as using alternative ingredients in a recipe or a different method of discipline with your children.

Answer the following questions in your summary:

• What type of informal research method did you use?
• How was your research method similar to research methods used by psychologists?
• If given another opportunity, what would you have done differently?

Submit your answers as a Microsoft® Word attachment to your Assignment Section.

Additional Resources from the Center for Writing Excellence:
• Grammar Mechanics


PSY 201 Week 1 DQ’s

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Week One Discussion Questions

• Refer to the charts on pp. 6 & 20 of Psychology and Your Life. Identify the five major perspectives in the field of psychology and list one subfield for each.

• Describe two subfields of psychology that most interest you and explain where you might encounter professionals in that field. What would these professionals be doing each day?

• Refer to Module 4 of Psychology and Your Life. Describe one ethical issue mentioned in the text. Why is informed consent necessary for ethical research?

• After reading pp. 26–28 of Psychology and Your Life, describe two research methods psychologists use. If you were selected to participate in a study that focuses on the average college student, what would be some variables that might affect the validity of this study? Who is the “average” college student today?

• Watchthe Field of Psychology – Interactive Tutorial. After completing the tutorial and reviewing the summary, review the weekly...

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