PSY 201 UOP Course Tutorial / Uophelp

PSY 201 UOP Course Tutorial / Uophelp

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PSY 201 Entire Course

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PSY 201 Week 1 Assignment Testing a Theory
PSY 201 Week 1 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 2 Assignment Meditation Worksheet
PSY 201 Week 2 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 3 Assignment Memory Presentation
PSY 201 Week 3 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 4 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 5 Assignment Piaget Worksheet
PSY 201 Week 5 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 6 Assignment Social Development Research
PSY 201 Week 6 DQ’s
PSY 201 Week 8 Assignment Psychotherapy Matrix
PSY 201 Week 9 DQ’s

PSY 201 Week 9 DQ’s
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Week Nine Discussion Questions

• You have been exposed to information about stress management in your previous courses. What are some ways people cope with stress? Refer to pp. 524-523 of Psychology and Your Life. What is the difference between emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping? Which style do you use most often in your life?

• Review the Social Influence tutorial located on your student website. What is conformity? List three reasons people conform. What are three factors that increase the likelihood of conforming? Provide an example of conformity you see daily.

• After reading Module 42, list the four factors of attraction. Which one do you most identify with and why? How does one fall out of love? What factors tend to lead to lasting marriages and relationships?

• Refer to Figure 1 on p. 521 of Psychology and Your Life. Identify one everyday hassle and one uplift that relate to your life. Take the questionnaire on p. 502. Without revealing any personal information, which coping strategies might you employ to reduce negative effects of stress? What methods mentioned in the reading appeal to you?

• Review the Prejudice and Discrimination tutorial. Identify the four sources of prejudice, along with one example of each. What are some...

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