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I have always loved helping other people with their problems. Being a good listener is one of my strong skills as well as giving reasonable advice. My friends come to me when they are stressed and need someone to talk to about their dilemmas. I get my energy from being around the personal auras of other people while spending time with them. I enjoy being an influence to others who are having a difficult time making the right decision. I am a very patient person which is definitely a skill necessary in order to be a psychologist. I like working directly with others because then I can get a sense of how they are feeling. One of the main reasons I would want to be a psychologist is that I have been through a lot of rough times so I know what it is like to not have anyone to talk to. Since my parents are divorced I can relate to people who are going through the same thing. I especially enjoy taking part of being the solution to a problem. I like to have a positive impact in other peoples’ lives because if someone else is satisfied, that means I am as well!

University of Victoria:
General Admission:
1. an academic standing acceptable to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the department concerned
2. satisfactory assessment reports
3. the availability of an appropriate supervisor within the department concerned
4. the availability of adequate space and facilities within the department concerned
Name of Program:
Bachelor of Science ' Major or Honors in Psychology

English 11
Social Studies 11
Principles of Math 11
Approved Science 11 course
Approved second language 11 course
English 12 ' avg of 67%
Three additional approved academic 12 courses ' avg of 67%

Intern : $35 000 to $50 000 a year

Registered Psychologist : $50 000 to $90 000 a year

Director of a Social...

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