Punishments for Cheating

Punishments for Cheating

According to surveys in the U.S. News and World Report, 75% of college students admitted cheating, and 90% of college students didn’t believe cheaters would be caught. It shows us that there were a lot of students who cheat on an exam. If they are not lucky enough, they can be caught, and they will be punished in several ways for their these dishonest actions.

Punishments can depend on the teacher, and first of them is warning. This is the lightest punishment for a student who cheats on an exam. This student, of course, has some reasons to do it, but if his excuse is not reasonable, teacher gives him just a warning. At the same time, he explains to him that cheating is not a good thing, and tells him that he shouldn’t do this again. For some students, these things are enough not to try it again. With teacher’s mercy and student’s understanding, this warning gives them a lesson about cheating.

Some students are expelled from the school, and this is the other punishment for cheating. In some schools, especially universities, a student who cheats on an exam is discarded. If their attempt to cheat is big, expelling from school can set the students back the rest of their life. Sometimes, you don’t have to cheat, just by trying to do it, they can be given a banishment from school for several months. At least, not to be expelled from school, cheating on an exam shouldn’t be tried.

According to some students, they can cheat easily, and they have good excuses for it. Although they know it is not a good thing, because they steal information from other students, they don’t think they can be caught. Their thoughts about cheating are really simple. However, when they are given the punishments, they understand how unfortunate they are about cheating. And after this, some students have been seen to change their minds.

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