Rachel and Leah

Rachel and Leah

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Rachel and Leah

OTS 126 Pentateuch
November 12, 2007


There is a distinction between the path of our personal choice, and perhaps the one God chooses for us. Although man looks at the outward appearance, whether of a man’s heart or some situation, God looks on the heart of the matter. God knows the beginning from the ending. God knows the thoughts He has toward us. God knows what is best for us. Though within the heart and mind of Jacob, Rachel was his choice, the lineage of the Messiah would be found in the first offspring of Leah.

Why then do we not perceive God’s real plan? Why are we so focused on choosing our own direction? What did we do wrong to not understand what His plan is all about? Where does the plan of God meet the desire of man?

This paper will attempt to review the story of Jacob, his choices and what God provides to fulfill the lineage of the coming Messiah.


Can we understand the choices that man makes and compare that to the choices that God makes. Somehow man must submerge his desires and personality and exalt the plan of God. Somehow man must let God’s will reign supreme.

However, it’s not only what we must do, but time and again scripture shows us that mankind struggles with making right choices.


The method of research was conducted by tracking down internet and library resources in relation to Jacob, Laban, Leah, Rachel and other players in the story. The primary resource of scripture will come directly from the Word of God, King James Version, and commentaries relating to this translation.

Apparatus (or Research Instruments/Tools)

Research will focus on generally recognized reference materials found in various libraries and on the internet.


Where applicable and available, necessary supporting documentation will be downloaded to students’ personal computer for future review and references.


The story of Jacob and his connection to Rachel and...

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