Rapid Control Prototyping Approach to Fuzzy Speed Control of Brushless Dc Motor

Rapid Control Prototyping Approach to Fuzzy Speed Control of Brushless Dc Motor

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This study involves the fuzzy logic controlling of
brushless DC (BLDC) motor with rapid control
prototyping method. Initially a MATLAB/Simulink
model of the six pulse BLDC motor and its power
electronic driver is established. A fuzzy controller is developed by using MATLAB Fuzzy-Logic Toolbox and then it is inserted into the Simulink model. This model is directly communicated with a DSP through DS2201 dSPACE digital signal kit. PWM pulses are produced on the simulation model and DSP C program is directly developed through dSPACE system. It is shown that, fuzzy controller is successfully controlling the motor and, the model based programming of DSPs is very simple and versatile comparing with that of conventional method.

1. Introduction

In modern intelligent motion applications the demand to the accurate speed and position control is increasing. In the mean time, it is also expected that control systems should be reliable, cost effective, robust and, having with low volume, weight and maintenance requirement. In this respect, a tailor type specific design of control systems offers advantageous over conventional control systems.
This study aims to develop a methodology in designing a versatile control system, which is capable to meet the adverse requirements of each application in minimum time with minimum changes and maximum reliability.
It is known that an electromechanical motion control system has the following components: an electric motor, power electronics supply, control hardware and software. Permanent magnet motors have higher specific torque values (torque/weight) and widely preferred in high quality drive applications [1, 2, and 3]. On the other hand,
these motors require a power electronics driver and rotor position sensors or methods to define the rotor position. In order to achieve the required motion, power electronic switches...

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