Reaction Paper: an Inconvenient Truth

Reaction Paper: an Inconvenient Truth


We are leaving in the era, where technologies spurred everywhere, which only spells advancements, the promise of evolution. During this modern age, we can reach the destination in a very short time and without much energy wasted too. But as we become more dependent to technology, that we also commit to affect our environment which lead to a very worrying problem; this problem is known as Global Warming.

The documentary, described the drastic effect of the global warming on earth if we will just take it for granted for the coming years. It was a self-awakening movie, we should open our eyes wide and look what is happening around. It’s a wake up call for everybody that we should stop our ignorance once and for all or this will be the end of billions of lives and of the earth. Al Gore has open the mind of everybody. He has set a profound level of awareness. Scientific history shows already climate changes, my question were what were new about it? In my own perspective, there were nothing to worry about the changes if it not leads to global warming, that in a span of time it will slowly destroy our ecosystem and kill thousands, millions, or even billions of living creatures on the crust of our planet.

Nowadays, the effect of climate change is quiet disturbing. It’s a great disappointment that we, our human activities were the biggest contributing factor of this global warming. Considering this issue a problem, not just an ordinary problem, I personally considered it the biggest problem of this generation that needs immediate attention and solution.

The film contains fruitful facts of information and predictions. The graphs and charts show not only the past but also a shocking future. When Al Gore compared the old and new photos of the same place, the difference was very obvious. I can clearly see that the glaciers are starting to melt and if this will continue happening animals residing in the...

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