Reading from the Minds

Reading from the Minds

Reading the Mind from the Eyes 1


Reading the Mind from the Eyes

Tina Bullock

Argosy University

Reading the Mind From the Eyes 2

I expected the results of the activity to be well. I have always had an

ability to read ones emotions through eye contact. I predicted my score to be at

least fifty percent.

After taking the test, I found that my prediction was a little inaccurate, as I

scored even better. I missed three. Two out of three was of the male gender, one

was female gender.

I felt as though I had a tougher time at reading the male gender as they tend to

be less emotionally expressive, particularly when it comes to revealing feelings of

vulnerability; including fear, sadness, and embarrassment. All of which were the

toughest non-verbal expressions for me to interpret on the test.


I also found that the female gender was more simple for me to read. As I took the test,

Some of the female expressions took longer for me to interpret.

This may be due to my knowledge of how people can cover their true feelings with

False expressions. In these types, it involves more than just looking at the eyes to be

More accurate. Looking at just a persons eyes is difficult to be certain exactly what the

Emotion is, they show.

I have read that biological sex and gender roles often shape the ways in which men and

Women experience and express their emotions.

For example, research suggests that women are more physiologically attuned to emotions

Than men are. I have also read that emotions that are primary in one...

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