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Salary survey results
Pakistan average salary figures
‘On average
qualified CIMA
students earn
c. PKR63k per month
in total.’

In 2013, part qualified CIMA students in
Pakistan earn on average PKR59,243 in basic
monthly salary plus PKR3,824 in bonus
payments, totalling PKR63,067.1
Salary satisfaction
Among students, 44% are satisfied with their
current salary, which is lower than the 58%
reported in 2012 and 51% in 2011.

‘Both salary
and satisfaction
with salary rise
substantially with
relevant experience.’

However, at 73%, satisfaction with salary in
2013 is much higher among students aged
35–44 years compared to younger age groups.
This is related to the significantly greater total
salary of PKR114,686 earned by this age group
– a difference of 82% against the average for
all CIMA students in Pakistan.2 These findings
show that both actual salary and salary
satisfaction rise substantially with relevant

CIMA boosts salary and widens career
95% of students in Pakistan agree that the
CIMA qualification strengthens their ability
to work internationally, 87% agree that it
creates career opportunities, and 85% that the
qualification widens career choice.
83% of students at operational and
management levels of the qualification say
that CIMA strengthens their position in salary
‘CIMA’s…syllabus really makes one equipped
enough to tackle the challenges of [an] everchanging work environment. Plus the CGMA
designation is a real add-on, making access
to international job markets easy.’
Female student, accountant working in practice.

Salary increases anticipated
94% of CIMA students in Pakistan are
expecting a salary rise over the next 12
months, at an average rate of 14.5%. If
realised, in real terms this will be above the
inflation forecast of 8.2%.3 While 44% are
anticipating a smaller than average salary rise,
28% expect a rise of...

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