Reaserch Method

Reaserch Method

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ABC organization is a company that manufactures food products for the retail market. In the last three financial years the company has been able to gain successful in gaining profit. But the management including the managing director came to realize that the profit of the organization was solely based on increasing the price of the products on incremental basis over the years rather than operational efficiency. They further identified that this was not enough for the organization to have a strong footling in the business.

The operating structure of ABC organization

2. The importance of conducting a research at ABC Organization
The main target of the research is to understand the current situation, identifying the existing issues, critically analyze the problems and create a procedure to successfully deal with the situation, To manage a practical problem of any organization we have to carry out a phenomenological research. This at the end will aid in finding a solution for this practical issue along with many data useful for the progress of the organization.

3. Formulation of research question
For the successful longevity of an organization there should be a good integration between its functioning divisions. Improving efficiency, productivity and innovation through proper integration has been recognized as the key components important for an organization to be stable in its market. Unlike in the past, there’s a large increment in the fragmentation of the client base due to the vastly increased amount of products available. Therefore it is important to prevent many defects in the production process as possible. Many issues that has arisen such as,
* Issues of responsibility
Issues of responsibility mainly arise due to lack of team work and integration among the work departments.
* Issues of accountability
Issues of accountability can be understood to arise due to lack of proper communication between workgroups such as...

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