Reengineering Process

Reengineering Process



Since 1957, DMMC has been providing affordable quality healthcare to its growing customer base in Batangas, Laguna, Quezon and other parts of Calabarzon. DMMC is offering a comprehensive array of services that gives special attention to patients’ health and wellness needs.

These are the services offered at the DANIEL O.MERCADO MEDICAL CENTER;

1. General Internal Medicine Family Medicine Pediatric Clinic

Our team of Internists and Pediatricians, with specialization in various fields, is always ready to provide timely medical attention to all cases ranging from the most common ailments to the more complicated illnesses, and for all age groups ranging from children, adults to geriatric patients.

Allergology                                Infectious Diseases
Immunology                              Nephrology
Cardiology                                 Neonatology
Dermatology                              Neurology
Diabetology                               Oncology
Endocrinology and Metabolism     Psychiatry
Gastroenterology                        Rheumatology
Intensive Care                           Pulmonology

2. General Surgical Clinic

DMMC’s highly competent surgeons, with training received from prestigious international and/ or national medical centers, have the expertise to undertake minor , major , and specialized surgeries with the help of new technologies.

Head and Neck Surgery                         Plastic & Reconstructive
Neurosurgery                                      Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery
Ophthalmology                                     Urology
Orthopaedic Trauma & Sports Medicine    Peripheral Vascular Surgery
Hand, Arthroplasty and Spine                  Hepatobiliary Surgery
Otorhinolaryngology / ENT                      Oncological Surgery

3. Rehabilitation Medicine

Our team of highly-experienced Rehab doctors, physical and...

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