Report On Charlie

Report On Charlie

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Report on Charlie

In order to prepare this report I interviewed several people, who answered questions about Charlie’s character and habits.

Charlie’s character
To almost all the children in school who are not friends with Charlie, he seems very shy and introvert. Because of the fact that he does not participate, he appears a bit weird to strangers. However, his friends said that even though he is shy and does not talk a lot, he is a very sensitive and lovely person, who needs people around him to support him. One of his teacher he was very close with said that he has a very poetic vein and that he writes very mature essays contrary to his classmates.

Charlie’s friends
According to Charlie’s family and friends, he depends a lot on his friends. They showed him how the be part of a group and also how to open up to others. Sam especially matters a lot to him as a friend and as well as his first love. She told him to focus on himself and not to think much about what others think about him and also to speak to her when he doesn’t feel good. Another friend, Patrick, said that he is someone a friend can always count on, but he keeps quiet about his own feelings and problems. Patrick tried to change that by talking a lot to him, spending a lot of time with him and invite him to parties.

Charlie’s family
Interviewing his mother, showed that Charlie is a person who loves spending time with his family, even though it is just watching a movie together. His sister said that sure they fight sometimes, like other siblings do, but she knows when she is in trouble she could always ask Charlie for help. His father claimed that he adores his elder brother and that he looks up to him but still does stays himself instead of copying him.

Charlie and his aunt
Charlie is in the hospital because of a meltdown he had concerning his aunt Helen. Charlie’ family agreed that he always repeated how much he loves his aunt. He probably did that do suppress the thing that...

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