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Adolescent Obesity Epidemic

As a kid I used to look around and everyone was running around outside, active, in

shape, and most were at normal weight. Now I look around and see more and more

people staying indoors, unable to run up a single flight of stairs or even walk it, the

sad reality that caused me to look into this is that my own younger family members

don’t know how to have active fun weather its outdoor or indoor.

What is it?

How to prevent it

How my family became like this

Percentages of US kids that are obese

How to remedy the problem

What causes people to become obese?

What the difference between a big hefty person is and an obese person is

What makes someone obese?


Six-Year Review Outline

Paragraph 1, Sixth Grade


Getting picked on

First fight in school

First girlfriend

Beginning of home problems

Paragraph 2, Seventh Grade

Medication Side effects

Weekends having fun with dad turn into weekends at my desk at dads

Mom and step dad get into a fight, result step dad leaves

move out of step dads, and into another house

Paragraph 3, Eighth Grade

Mom remarries step dad

Changes to NLCA

Goes good till my step dad goes too far with punishment

mom leaves to aunts house

mom moves to law firm

we move in with dad

mom moves into condo

Paragraph 4, Freshman Year


Living with dad getting off ADHD medication

Starting ROTC

Start of summer

volunteering on base with my uncle

Paragraph 5, Sophomore...

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