Introduction, Objectives, Components


• “Advertising is a paid form of non-personal
presentation of ideas, goods or services by
an identified sponsor.”
-Richard Buskirk
• “Advertising consists of all activities involves
in presenting to a group a non-personal, oral
or visual openly sponsored message,
disseminated through one or more media
-William. J Stanton

• “Advertising is a notice, picture, or film
telling people about a product, job or
• “Advertising is the means of mass selling
that has grown up parallel with and has
been made necessary to mass production”

• “Advertising is a picture, a set of words or
a short film, which is intended to persuade
people to buy a product or use a services,
or that gives information about a job that
is available, an event that is going to
happen, an issue that needs attention,

These definitions clearly reveal the nature of
advertising. This is a powerful element of
promotion mix. Essentially advertising means
spreading of information about the
characteristics of the product to the
perspective customers with a view to sell the
product or increase the sale volume.


Advertisement broadens the
knowledge of the consumers. This
speeds up the sales of commodities,
increases the efficiency of labor in
distribution, and diminishes the costs
of selling.

Benefits to Manufacturers
• It increases sales volume by creating attraction towards the
• It helps easy introduction of new products into the markets.
• It helps to create an image and reputation not only of the
products but also of the producer or advertiser. In this way, it
creates goodwill for the manufacturer.
• It helps to establish a direct contact between manufacturers
and consumers.

• It leads to smoothen the demand of the product.
• Selling cost per unit is reduced because...

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