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There have been many people who have impacted every one of us. Whether it be as a kid, a teenager, an adult, or even as we are older. Everyone remembers at least one person who has impacted their life and it has stuck to them every day since then. In this case, Mine happens to be a police officer and a Sergeant in the U.S Army.

I joined the military back in February of 2013. Going through I’ve met so many different people from all over. It’s an amazing experience. Most are either, current officers, want to be officers, or retired. I met most of these people when I was assigned to my current unit in 2013. Well rounded group of people. In 2014 we were given about 10 new soldiers that had completed basic or transferred from another branch. This was also the year we were told we had to pick a new MOS (Job). During this time I met Sgt Adams. He is about average height, military style haircut, green eyes, stocky build and a graspy voice. You can’t ever forget what he looks like because of his personality.

He was like the dad of the few females that were in the company. Probably because he is a dad. He was also a police officer that patrolled through Richmond and surrounding areas. He had the best personality for a cop that I’ve met. I say that because he left my unit to another one due to the transitions. He was down to earth and never had anything negative to say. Even if we were stuck in the worst situation, like driving for 10 hours. He still made the best of it and that it wasn’t even a bad thing. Talking to him about problems I had being a female in the military and wanting to join the force, he was so helpful and always had so much to say. He helped me realize that just because I am a female doesn’t mean I am limited in an area where males are dominant. He had the best advice and made any training exercise we were in, so much fun. He was also hilarious and cracked a joke at almost every minute he was able to. He was a big impact in my life/career because...

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