Revenge in Othello

Revenge in Othello

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How far do you consider revenge to be the main theme in Shakespeare’s Othello?

In the play Othello, each scene and part plays a relevant role when it comes to themes. Othello has some themes that are revealed straight away such as jealousy and love however revenge can be considered just as important as these themes [if not more important] and such others like race and manipulation. Revenge comes into the play from many different people such as Iago, Othello and Emilia. Revenge turns out to be a consistent theme throughout the play but Othello plays on many forms of beliefs, symbols and the context in which its brought out can lead to more themes such as magic from Othello’s handkerchief. How revenge is brought into the play and is played on in each characters mind until it comes to a climax is the dramatic effect of the theme revenge. The theme revenge involves Iago a lot more then the other characters.

The theme of revenge is a consistent theme in the play Othello. It is implemented through Iago, Iago’s goal is to destroy Othello and his loved ones. This revenge is a result of Othello promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant. Revenge is Iago’s motivation to ruining Othello, Iago feels betrayed by Othello. Iago feels there is no solution apart from revenge when Cassio is promoted. Iago says he “hates the moor” and that nothing can or shall content his soul until he is even with Othello. Iago tells Brabantio of Othello and Desdemona and the story goes on through that. Othello and everyone else puts their trust in Iago even his wife Emilia who is treated badly but always runs back hoping for unconditional love in return but never receiving any type of “real” relationship. Iago succeeds in destroying Othello’s life and however his own as well. In summary, Iago’s life is of hatred and vengeance. Iago does many things which destroys his friendships, romance and trust. Revenge is human nature which Iago exploits through Othello and this proves with...

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