Road to hospital safety network program platform software program upgrade and premium options

Road to hospital safety network program platform software program upgrade and premium options

Wisdom in modern hospitals, a fantastic safety program, while numerous independent subsystem, nevertheless it really should be the basic addition of subsystems, and really should be integrated within the framework on the unity of security systems, integration of interaction with one another, develop into an organic element from the entire. Daan hospital security systems go preventing road, platform computer software upgrade was imminent.

Hospital security platform upgrades: implement unified emergency command

Emergency command system on the lid on the voice intercom systems, digital radio systems, alarm systems, fire protection systems, access handle systems, three police officers in one alarm systems (110, 120, 119). And, to a specific extent, when the healthcare technique inside the safety program can successfully realize the linkage and particular administrative functions on the basis of this, we are able to realize the function of emergency command.

According to the benefits of digital, integrated, no subsystems item surfaces have completed hardware upgrade, just by way of IP connectivity involving systems. Within the framework with the platform from the video surveillance will assume the major role wireless camera security , whilst other subsystems are parallel structures, in which fire-fighting program in specific, doesn't relate to internal information, embedding doesn't straight integrate with other systems, and provides an interface to the outer portion of your output signal source, largely performing video critiques.

Hospital security technology: HD with networking

Presently, safety sector and hospital of application environment can be a typical of a lot more generation beneath one particular roof of industry, Shang century 80 generation was born of simulation monitoring technique to sound video matrix for representative, in hospital amongst still has aspect application; later of module combines monitoring system...

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