Roman Civilization's

Roman Civilization's

Final Essay 1

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Final Essay

Origins of Western Culture Hum 101002016 Fall Qtr 2009
Professor: David Allen
December 14, 2009

Final Essay 2

2. Write an essay about Roman civilization’s key cultural traits and its key contributions to the western heritage. Your essay should range over subjects like architecture and construction, Rome’s assimilation of Greek culture, Rome’s law, literature, language, and political institutions, etc.

The Roman Empire has been one of the most influential civilizations of all time. Its culture has been included throughout many societies. At its highest point, the Roman Empire blanketed Europe in its enormity and even stretched overseas to Africa. In addition, the Roman civilization even reached into Asia as well. The Romans left its mark on many societies and left behind a prize of artistic treasures. The Romans can be seen as one of the most intricate civilizations of its time by examining its wealth, knowledge, and belief.
Rome came under Greek influence very early in the eight century BCE, when Greek colonies were established in southern Italy and Sicily. For generations Hellenized Etruscans surrounded Roman people in the north and in Naples and Sicily in the south. Though Hellenism was to leave its distinctive mark on almost every aspect of Roman life and thought, they were originally very unsure about the Greeks. Though Hellenism was to leave its unmistakable mark on almost every aspect of Roman life and thought, they were originally very ambivalent about the Greeks. On one hand, they were in awe of an obviously superior civilization, and yet there was hostility, for Greek culture amounted to a reversal of Roman values. The Greeks were literate, artistic,...

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