Royal Free London NHS Trust HR Analysis

Royal Free London NHS Trust HR Analysis

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Faculty of Business and Law
An analysis of the Human Resource Management policies and strategies adopted by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust: a case-study approach.
Human Resources Management 325

Written by Festus Nwoko
Student Number: 159022081
Workshop Tutor: Helen Fraser.
Hand in Date: 9th May, 2016.
Word Count: 3319, excluding executive summary, appendixes, references, table of contents, original and adapted diagrams, tables and adapted tables.

Executive Summary
Analysis of an organisation’s internal and the external business environment is important to its long term survival; knowledge of such exigencies gives the organisation a clear picture of where it fits and how it could overcome impending obstacles in the competitive game (Porter, 1985). This analysis reveals a symbiotic but at times cyclonic connectivity between the internal and external environment, and it is only through thorough understanding of both environments that organisations can lift their heads above troubled waters. This is precisely where Human Resource Management comes in.

Inc (n.d.) defines Human Resource Management as “terms used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organisation”. The emphasis lies on “people”, as without people forming the blueprint upon which organisations thrive, there would be nothing – even technology also requires people as its driving force.

Hence, this report summarised the importance of these people, and the vital management of them to ensure achievement of organisational goals, using Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, one of the biggest in the UK, as a case study for practical analysis. It also offered recommendations to improvement of HR policies and strategies for Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust after examining both its internal and external environments.

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