Rubber additives market by type and by application during the forecast period of 2015-2020.

Rubber additives market by type and by application during the forecast period of 2015-2020.

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Rubber is a polymer which is classified as natural and Synthetic rubber. Rubbers produce high quality products by using additives, and those were used in automobile industries. These additives are mainly used in the manufacture of automotive tires.
These Rubber Additives will improve the properties of rubber such as improved resistance to heat, sunlight, ozone and mechanical stress.
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Market Driving Factors:
The top most contributing driving factors of the Rubber Additives Market, as surveyed by IndustryARC’s research analysts are:
• The rubber additives market is mainly driven by the growth in the demand for automobiles.
• Also these additives find their applications in many industries like electric cables, insulation. These applications are set to act as strong driving forces for the sales and revenue of the global market to grow.

Geographical Study of the Market:
According to IndustryARC, APAC is expected to be growing at the fastest CAGR growth rates during the forecast period 2015-2020 in the rubber additives market. This growth is mainly due to the increasing domestic demand and rising exports of natural rubber to the western markets. The APAC region is also propelled by the increasing demand for rubber additives from the tire industry. The economic development in the region has led to the increased demand for vehicles, which in turn drives the market for rubber additives.
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Market Segmentation:
The Rubber Additives Market is broadly segmented into 3 types based on the later given factors below. The broad segmentation is further led to a narrower stream of divisions made by experts of IndustryARC and mentioned in this research report.
1. By Type:...

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