Wood coatings additive market by formulation and by type 2015-2020.

Wood coatings additive market by formulation and by type 2015-2020.

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March 14, 2016
Wood Coating Additives Market

Wood coatings additive market by formulation and by type 2015-2020.

The expectation of superior quality wood surface has led to the invention of Wood Coating Additives. The Chemical Formulations which are used for multiple functions in Wood Processing are called Wood Coating Additives. The basic functions of these additives are better stabilization, hygiene and decoration of wood i.e. to modify the properties of the coating such as viscosity, gloss, impact resistance, foam, etc.
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Market Driving Factors:
The top most contributing driving factors of the Wood Coating Additives Market, as surveyed by IndustryARC’s research analysts are:
Growing demand for multifunctional additives, strict environmental regulations, emerging transition from solvent-borne to alternate technologies.
Growing awareness among users and formulators about the benefits of coating additives, and strong growth in end user markets. 

Geographical Study of the Market:
Due to increasing environmental regulations and law enforcements, North America, Europe and APAC are showing high growth rates in the Global Wood Coating Additives Market. The top contributing countries of this market are noted to be North America, U.k., Brazil, China and few more. (Report contains the detailed list of the same).
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Market Segmentation:
The Wood Coating Additives Market is broadly segmented into 3 types based on the later given factors below. The broad segmentation is further led to a narrower stream of divisions made by experts of IndustryARC and mentioned in this research report.
1. By Formulation:Radiation...

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