Rush to Space

Rush to Space

Rush to space

The era is about to come to plan a trip over the cloud. Well! What do you think about marriage or reception party in the space? Isn’t it a cool idea? Say thanks to organizations like, space adventures, virgin, Blue origin, Armadillo Aerospace, etc for their positive attitude and great efforts. Initially, cost was a big hurdle but reusable space vehicle and launchers has certainly minimized it.

Recent market reports and surveys were quite interesting. As per the targeted cost of $10000-20000, millions of people said ‘yes’ to space trip. But, let’s think what would be our main activities in space/orbit? Most of us are aware that there is no air. Light appears if something bright will cross our way. Temperature is also extremely low and don’t dare to think like child and expect any shop for cold drink or chocolate if you are adult then don’t expect pub or bar there in space.

In space, you will definitely have an opportunity to have a glimpse of earth. This will remain forever in you memory. The view of earth constantly changes as per the angle position and altitudes. The most amusing scenes are the beauty of earth in blue and experience of its rotation. The thing which you will miss in space is twinkling stars. Besides that there are unlimited sites to experience and live while you will move in the space.

Huge demands of space tourism has certainly encouraged the most developed nations like US and Japan to develop reusable rocket engines and low cost operating procedures but on the other hand political authorities are very much concern towards the regulation issues. Old aviation rules are proving great hurdle for space aviation so there is need of numerous inter governmental treaties or we can say a single international space aviation organization where concept of nations would not be entertained. We all would be human inhabitant of earth.

Thus truly, ‘rush to space’ indirectly will strength unity amongst human beings and the identity...

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