Salad oil

Salad oil

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The word salad oil (saladoil) originated from the west, as the name implies, special salad oil;With raw vegetables salad (salad), westerners

As the main ingredient, supplemented by a variety of salad dressing, in order to increase the nutrition, need to be coated in oil coating, this is the salad oil
palm oil plant

.In order to keep vegetables's inherent color and taste, this oil to colorless, tasteless;For cold dishes done often need to be refrigerated, because

Can't appear when the low temperature coagulate turbid phenomenon, 4.4 ℃ must maintain a transparent liquid state.Therefore, salad oil need to remove the plants as much as possible

Oil in the three ester composition, generally only is vegetable oil.
Salad oil refers to all kinds of plant oil degumming, decoloring, deodorization (skim), and other refined processing program, a senior edible vegetable oil.
bucket elevator

Mainly used for salad oil or mayonnaise, seasoning oil raw oil.
Salad oil - apply:
Warm prompt: the grease has certain shelf life, don't put too long oil consumption.Can be directly applied to cold, but it's best

Reoccupy after heating.Should be avoided after high temperature heating oil use over and over again.Salad oil consumption have effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular will still be too much

And easy to get fat.
Salad oil - nutrition analysis
1. Do not contain carcinogenic substances in salad oil and blend oil of aflatoxin and cholesterol, has protective effect on the body.
2. Rich in linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, which have the function of the lower blood fat and blood cholesterol, can advance to some extent

Rice bran oil dewaxing
Cardiovascular disease prevention;
3. Contains soy lecithin, nerves, blood vessels, the growth and development of the brain.
Salad oil - production director

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