Sales Director Justification Report

Sales Director Justification Report

Sales Director Justification Report
Martina Sedita
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
Dr. Rachel De Luise
May, 30, 2015

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Problem Statement 3
Overview of Alternatives 3
Criteria 4
Methods 4
Evaluation of Alternatives 5
Findings and Analysis 6
Recommendation 7
References 8

Executive Summary

This report reviews the overall practicality of a managerial used tracking system and its ability to create a more efficient sales department. Internet and programmer based evaluations along with employee knowledge base of programs should provide a good data sets for both reviewed programs.

The report finds that Microsoft Excel offers the employees easier input options that perform similar tasks as Microsoft Access. This allows ABC Sales to develop the most robust data sets for the lowest cost, with minimal additional training requirements to existing staff. It is clear that ABC Sales Department needs to choose Microsoft Excel.
Problem Statement

The ABC Sales Department has an organizational problem. ABC Sales Department does not keep a record of annual inventory renewal schedules for their special projects. The sales department needs to start to keep these records in order to properly plan future budgets, set realistic goals for employees to reach, and be able to forecast proper pricing for renewals. The sales director needs to implement an easy to use and cost affective tracker for the managers to use. The managers need to start tracking these items in order to increase revenue so that the ABC Company can be successful in the market.

Overview of Alternatives

The following two alternatives considered in this report meet the ABC Company requirements:

Alternative A-Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
In order to understand and track the revenue and dates of prior existing orders, databases...

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