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This is a sample autobiography of a boy who is applying for a student scholarship to enter into college and is asked to present an autobiography.

My name is ( enter the name ). I was born on 2 January, 1990 at ( location ) in the city hospital. I live with my mother, (Name), father (Name) and my elder sister (Name). My parents recollect that when I was born, my elder sister was extremely thrilled to have a new baby. She was six at that time. Childhood passed away in one of the most wonderful ways playing with my mom, sister and father. My mom is a housewife and she stayed with all the time.

What I did when I was a child :
I am really fond of delicious foods and desserts, as I was in my childhood. My father owns and operates a bakery in downtown ( city ). I would go with mom and dad to the bakery and fill my little tummy to my heart's content with everything I liked. When I was a kid I was quite chubby, quite unlike the thin, lanky guy I am now. As I grew a little bigger, I developed a liking for the game of cricket. And with grew my love for cricket. I would play it in school with all my classmates. We developed a great passion for the game. I am still an avid player and a member of school cricket team. During the captaincy of my friend ( Name ) our school has won the National Cricket Championship ( or any other tournament ). The photos of that victory are really one of the cherished moments of my life.

My Academic Interests :
I am interested in chemistry. There is a really interesting story behind how I got introduced to chemistry way before it is taught in school. My father is a great cook and knows a lot of chemicals and flavorings that are used in making desserts. I developed an interest for these chemicals and my dad taught me about chemistry. By the time we were being taught chemistry in school, I already knew a lot and breezed past all the basic education. I have nurtured my interest for chemistry by reading prominent books and scientific...

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