Save Spy Libri'

Save Spy Libri'


The idea for this project came about as a result of an empirical observation of nature, particularly regarding the flight of the humming bird. This bird’s ability to remain suspended in the air continues to be a mystery: its flight is regarded as being perfect and very efficient and I was struck by this fact. It is the bird that beats its wings more than any other (70 beats per second). The wing movement is unique because they are not moved up and down but in the shape of a number eight.
The observation led me to think of the construction of a mini plane (mini UAV) that reproduces the humming bird’s flight.
As the construction is very small (it is less than 15cm and weighs approximately 115g), it could be useful for: military-spy missions, carrying out environmental measurements (air quality, temperature etc), in film-productions and could also be sent out to help save people who are in difficulty. It flies at 80km per hour with the wing opening at a maximum of 25 cm. It can fly autonomously up to a distance of more than 10 km and will cost less than 1000 dollars.

Our project will be able to exploit low numbers of Reynolds (less than 15,000). The body of this mini plane will be hyperbole thus forming a curve so as the fluid slides off it. The wings will be fixed, made of organic plastic materials and will be insulated to protect them in all weather conditions. Exhaust pipes will be situated in the back part of the wing which will develop the Coanda effect. The plane will have alternative chemical muscles (RCM) that use a propellant mixture …… to generate the same wing movement as that of the humming bird. The RCMs can also be used to generate electricity for the orientation sensors or instruments when flying on missions. There will also be GPS instruments which will be tele-commanded by a joystick.

I am convinced that if we succeed in reproducing a mini plane that flies in the same way as a humming bird, the results of the test...

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