Scapping of Examination

Scapping of Examination

Scrapping of Examination

There are many debates whether we should scrap the examination from the school system or not. According to my understanding I think that we should not totally scrap the examination but what should be done to improve the assessment practice by restructuring the assessments. Most schools of today are having 100 percent examination as a means of assessment, which is mostly done at the end of the school term. This is known as the external and internal examination. Though the external and the internal examination is a good means of assessment because the students are assessed what they have learnt throughout the year. On the other hand 100 percent examination is mostly based on writings and understanding of a particular concept but the practical side is left behind untouched where the students’ knowledge on fieldwork, labs and presentation is not assessed but it is also an important component in a student life as this also increases students knowledge on the practical side which is practiced in our daily life.

The improvement of the assessment practice is very important, and the improvement can be done if we restructure the assessment to 50 percent coursework and 50 percent final examination just like we are having in The University of the South Pacific. From my point of view, I think that this change is beneficial and will bring positive results as it allows students to work hard throughout the year not only during few weeks of the examination. The students will work hard to get marks in their coursework and then preparation for the final examination in simple terms we can say that what students’ study they practice in their daily lives. Moreover, the students will do the practical example laboratories, fieldwork example gardening, presentation with full determination and dedication.

From my experience, I think that most high school students waste their time by just coming to school for nothing but wasting their time. During the...

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