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This table shows the melting points of six metal oxides in degrees Celsius.
|Metal oxide |Melting point (°C) |When was the metal discovered? |
|calcium oxide |2614 |1808 |
|copper oxide |1326 |over 5000 years ago |
|iron oxide |1369 |about 3000 years ago |
|silver oxide |230 |about 7000 years ago |
|tin oxide |886 |over 5000 years ago |
|zinc oxide |1975 |before 1500 |

1 Put the melting point data into the bar chart below.

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2 Which metal oxide has the highest melting point? Calcium Oxide
3 Which gas in the air reacts with metals to make a metal oxide? Oxygen

4 Which three metal oxides have the lowest melting points?
• Silver Oxide
• Tin oxide
• Copper Oxide
b What can you say about when these three metals were discovered? They don’t melt quickly.

5 a Which two metals were discovered most recently?
• Calcium Oxide
• Zinc Oxide
b What can you say about the melting points of the oxides of these two metals?
• They are the highest
• They melt very quickly

6 Does the data for iron oxide fit this pattern?
Explain your answer.
• No
• Because iron is old but does not melt the quickest

6 Carly said, ‘The higher the melting point, the more recently the metal was discovered.’
Tick the box that you think that describes the evidence best.

( Carly’s statement is definitely true.

( Carly’s statement is definitely false....

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