Scientific Investigation lab

Scientific Investigation lab

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BIOL1107Lab Name: ______________________
Lab Report #1, worth 10 points


1. Review the major components of an experiment by matching the following terms to the correct definition: control, controlled variables, level of treatment, dependent variable, replication, procedure, prediction, hypothesis, and independent variable.
a. Variables that are kept constant during the experiment (variables not being manipulated)._______________________.
b. Tentative explanation to the question. ______________________.
c. What the investigator varies or is testing in the experiment (for example, pH, temperature).____________________________.
d. Process used to measure the dependent variable._____________________.
e. Appropriate values to sue for the independent variable. ________________________
f. Treat that eliminates the independent variable or sets it at a standard value. ________________________.
g. What the investigator measures, counts, or records; what is being affected in the experiment._____________________________.
h. Number of times the experiment is repeated. _________________________.
i. Statement of the expected results of an experiment based on the hypothesis (written as If/then)._________________________________.

2. Scientific Method Practice
a. For each scenario below, please identify the hypothesis, develop a prediction statement. Determine the independent and dependent variable. Also indicate the control group and suggest any control variables.

i. Scenario 1: Jackie read that Aloe vera promoted healing on burned tissue. She decided to investigate the effect of various amounts of Aloe vera on the regeneration of planaria. She dissected the planaria to obtain 10 parts (5 heads and 5 tails) for each experimental group. She applied concentrations of 0%, 10%, 20%, and 30% Aloe vera to the groups. Fifteen mL of Aloe vera solutions were applied. All planaria were maintained in a growth chamber...

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