Scientific Knowledge Beneficial for Humanity

Scientific Knowledge Beneficial for Humanity

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Is The Relentless Pursuit Of Scientific Knowledge Beneficial For Humanity?

Scientific knowledge has done both good and evil to humanity, but people of the modern world realise that there is a bad side to technology and therefore know how to avoid it. In these circumstances technology is very beneficial to humanity. Technology includes time–saving mechanisms, medicine and entertainment devices.

Firstly, medical technology saves millions of lives around the world each year. It does this with vaccinations that prevent people from getting deadly diseases, and drugs if people do. It also uses machinery like the heart monitor and the life support systems. Because of medicine diseases like smallpox, which killed millions, have been wiped out completely. If we keep developing medicine we will all be able to live to our maximum age instead of being killed by heart attacks or cancer.

Technology also provides us with time saving devices. These are usually simple things such as knives of potato peelers, but a world without them would be very tiresome. Imagine trying to peel a potato with your bare hands or cutting vegetables without a knife. Technology gives us devices, which save time and energy, and a world without such technology would not be a good world to live in. They have already become part of the human habitat.

When we are bored or unoccupied, technology provides entertainment for us. These include computer games, videos, dvds, television, radio and countless other things. To many of us our living areas would feel empty without these pieces of technology. On reality shows such as Big Brother the contestants are cut off from these kinds of entertainment. This caused most of them to sleep through the entire day. This is not a very good way to spend every day.

Technology has become part of our lives, and because we are aware of the risks there is no danger. However if we give up the pursuit of technology our lives would be almost meaningless. If we did...

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