Scientology by Elron Hubbard

Scientology by Elron Hubbard

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Scientology was founded by Elron Hubburd. He created it to make money of of simple minded people that would believe soul catchers are real. Many people think that Scientology is a stupid cult for stupid people. This is correct. Some may disagree but those people that disagree are precocious dick heads. If you are not sure on what scientologist believe you should research it and see how silly some people really are. Elron Hubburd was a si-fi Aurthor, this alowed him to write si-fi crap with ease. Elron Hubburd was also busted by the FBI, Elron Huburd was a petofile.

Here is some story about something about scientollogy
This story aims to serve a dual function: Enlighten those who may be susceptible to seduction by mind and life control cults and to provide a sense of hope for those who may be so entrapped. A tertiary purpose is to encourage the reader to seek wisdom and direction from the vast array of knowledge available at our finger tips - thanks in part to Google and ultra-fast broadband, you can read incisive works on psychoanalytical and sociological thought by Fromm and Jung, Russell's seminal 'Analysis of mind' lectures to the philosophic revolutionary ideas of the enlightenment.

It is among these that you will find true wisdom and real answers to the questions and uncertainties that have driven so many into the gaping maw of deceptive pseudo religion.

To the informed, Scientology evokes a visceral revulsion, and with good reason. Cruise, the empty headed fanatic, stirring up collective nausea on national TV, personifies the true core value of Scientology to the man in the street. Lisa McPherson's emaciated corpse, the true facts of her agonizing demise hidden under a cloud of Church generated obfuscation. 'The exhibition of death', a C-grade horror movie set, toured around the world by the Church in a vain attempt to obliterate two hundred years worth of neuropsychiatric and psychological research and insight.

To the yellow coated...

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