Scouting Report

Scouting Report

Woburn vs Arlington


#11- best overall player, post player, can defend and rebound, can take it to the basket and hit outside shot, good passer, and is only player that can create her own shot in the half court,love giving head fakes when dribbling,and plays some PG as well.

#22- tall lanky post player is a lesser version of the center from Boston Latin, soft touch underneath and looks to block shots

#12- majority of the time is the PG, ok ball handler, but picks up dribble quick when pressures, not much out of her on offense

#24- outside shooter, can handle the ball with confidence, best half court defender

#21- likes to push the ball up court if she gets defensive rebound or outlet pass, forces bad passes, and likes to drive to the basket, hustle player


No one from the bench stood out, all serviceable players that know their roles and skill sets and don't try to do more than what they are capable of, come in games, defend,rebound, and push the ball


Not much changes from year to year with them. Like to fast break as much as they can except they don't have as quality talent like in previous years. They are sloppy at times in transition forcing passes when they shouldn't. They rely on their defense to create a lot of offensive opportunities and they go after rebounds and loose balls hard to create 2nd chance opportunities. They faced man to man for the majority of the game and countered it with a 4 out set your basic basketball concepts pass, move, cut, set screens all in the perimeter area while lone post player goes from block to block with an occasional flash all depending where the ball is. They also ran a flex offense PG would pass to wing player and will go set a down screen for the block player opposite the ball who is setting a back screen for corner player that is on her side, that corner player cuts across lane if no pass continues to set another back screen for ball side block player, wing player with...

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