Screenplay example

Screenplay example

“Survival tactics”
Lewis Whiting

FAde In:
1. Ext. Registan Desert -dAY
The sun is frying the hot sand. On the horizon you can see the heat waves. The desert is eerily quiet.
The sound of engines comes in from the left.
Two US Military HMMWVs are travelling along a dirt road in the distance.
Seated from left to right are: Private Winfred Elliott, Sergeant Linden Harford and Private Edgardo Peña.

Private Winfred Elliott, 28 this man has dark skin, hazel eyes and short brown hair. He has a wide face, distrustful eyes, a broad nose, a cleft chin and stubble. He is 5' 11" and is broad-chested. He is dressed in standard US Military uniform and is holding a US Military SCAR-L.

Private Edgardo Peña, 23, this man is Mexican, he has tan skin, brown eyes and spiky brown hair pulled into a ponytail. He has a long face, a Fu Manchu moustache and bushy eyebrows. He is 5' 7" and has a stocky build. A notable feature is his accent which people usually find annoying. He is dressed in a US Military Uniform and is holding a US Military SCAR-L.

Sergeant Linden Harford, 39, he is a white man, with brown eyes and short grey hair. He has an oval face and a large nose and is clean-shaven. He is 6' 4" and has an average build. He has a small burn mark on his lower back. A notable feature is his white, sparkly teeth. He is wearing a suit, which displays his many medals on the right of his chest, showing he has been a part of many important missions during his time in service.

What on earth are we doing in the middle of a desert Sergeant?
Sergeant harford
We need to finish what we’ve started, private.
You can’t be serious? After everything that we’ve just gotten out of, you think it is a good idea to interfere again?

How do you think I got these medals, Private? By staying away from situations that could put me in danger?
Private PeÑa
I’m just saying. I don’t...

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