Tiffany Screenplay

Tiffany Screenplay

122. PAT No, Dad! I didn’t do a fucking thing! Come on, Dad! PAT SR. (yelling) You loser! You loser! PAT SR. SHOVES PAT. PAT (emotional) I’m not a loser. PAT SR. You fucking loser! You ruined everything! DR. PATEL He was defending his brother! PAT CRIES PAT SR. You fucking idiot! You spike the ball on the one yard line, you fucking idiot! THE DOORBELL RINGS. DOLORES LOOKS AT THE FRONT DOOR. THE GROUP WATCHES AS TIFFANY WALKS INTO THE ROOM. PAT SR. (CONT’D) Who is this?! Who’s this?! TIFFANY WALKS TO PAT. TIFFANY We need to talk right now! When you make a serious commitment to somebody, it is not cool to not show up! PAT Wait a second, I tried to call, my God, what’s happening, I called--, but I tried to call you, Tiffany, I-PAT SR. Who is this? What is this? TIFFANY Oh, really?

123. PAT


PAT (CONT’D) I told you I was gonna split my time with my dad and you, and my dad was pulling me in one direction. Doctor Patel, Ronnie-TIFFANY Well, that sounds great, Pat. That’s great for all of them, but all of them didn’t make a commitment to me in return for my help. I'm Tiffany, by the way. PAT SR. What is this craziness with Tiffany Maxwell? PAT There’s no craziness. I told you who she was, I was doing this thing with her. We had a conversation! PAT SR. She’s fucking nuts! When you started spending time with her, it all fell apart. This is the fucking reason right here. TIFFANY You think I fucked up the Eagles’ juju, don’t you? PAT SR. Ever since, ever since he was with you, ever since-TIFFANY (interrupting) You think that I’m why today’s happened? PAT SR. That’s right, you are why today happened. TIFFANY I’m the reason why today happened? PAT SR. I think so. TIFFANY Let’s talk about that.

124. PAT SR. Be my guest. TIFFANY The first night that Pat and I met at my sister's, the Eagles beat the Forty Niners handily, forty to twenty-six. The second time we got together we went for a run and the Phillies beat the Dodgers seven to five in the NLCS. JAKE She’s...

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