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Search Within

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A walk by..

It was hell
I was sure it was
My being here, this place being once I took my breath off
'cos I was never appreciating him, always scorching at that empty turf
it gave me my career, my dreams, but I never looked at the beauty as it was
perceptions clouded my vision, my poetry, my songs, all heights were
the familiar morosity zapped up to sell
as broken bodies crawling across foul smelling corpses in a war torn plateau
I was racing against time, different people, different lands, waters, polities
not least full, the pieces which I lost to hearts I felt mine, but not withheld.
Walking past selfish people, crocodile emotions, foreign blasphemy was
much easy, the thought of having with them all over again is gruesome
heart which had stopped beating seems still there, bumping backforth
in succession as if its not over, its not all over. The jeopardy will
creep me in, and repeated quest is still much alive to cutthroat still.

One chance as ever, but I don't want to be there, to walk still with those
crumpled minds, and surreptitious dungeons, who I always sought to crush, but they lived within me, I can see them all out there!!

My eyes were wet, tears afterall the only company of this night...and the walk like this
.......a walk by hell
a tortuous journey within..while the winds seep through ..its still all there were it was
but I was awake..raring

-The rigidDream

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