Section C

Section C

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Section C

A public place of worship as a building where Christians come together to worship God and so show their faith to Him. A church is where Christians meet every Sunday as that is their holy day. This is based on Jesus’ resurrection which took place on a Sunday which we now call Easter Sunday. Of course, they also meet for festivals like Christmas and Easter and Services like Holy Communion.

I think it is important for Christians to worship together in a group because they are able to share experiences with other believers. This means that they will feel closer to the community of Christians in their area. It helps community spirit and encourages people to keep up with their faith.

Another reason is, they will be able to take part in services like Holy Communion because they happen in groups, not individually. So therefore they can repent on their sons and be forgiven by God. It is in remembrance of Jesus’ Last Supper as well.

It is also important because churches are holy buildings and thet have ambience. This means they have certain calm feelings about then witch can help focus on payer. The discipline of going to church is useful to Christians as well as it mean they can keep their faith top of their priorities.

Because all the Christians have the same beliefs, they stick together through conflict and they all feel like family. One Jesus’ greatest principle was to ‘love your neighbour’. By worshipping in a group, they are caring for their neighbours as they are all equal.

Nuns and Monks are Christians that worship together, away from the world. They live in purity but worshipping together is a very important part of their lives

Worship means God can forgive you for your sins; He can atone you, reconcile and save you. This is where church comes in. If you’re not baptised or confirmed in some denominations, you aren’t fulfilling God’s wills and being baptised or confirmed happens in church.

Church furnishing and the shape of a...

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