Select a Guitar

Select a Guitar

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How to Select a Guitar

You don’t know how to choose your first guitar? If you’re new playing this instrument and you want to buy a new guitar follow this steps to make the best shop. The purpose of this essay is showing you how to choose a quality and not necessary expensive guitar. Remember it’s going to be your first guitar so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Maybe you have in mind a special colour or body type, so the next step is focus on the quality. You have to take a look on the fret boards; They need to be specious because if you are a new player your fingers will need a lot of space to learn the correct positions. Also take a look on the bridge; It has to be straight in the correct position.

If the case is not included, I recommend you to buy one, because you need to protect your guitar. Choose a special area in your home to place your guitar. You don’t want to everybody pick and move your guitar recklessly. If there’s a special plastic covering your guitar do not remove it immediately that will help to keep it safe from scratches. You can buy a special product to clean your guitar but it isn’t really necessary. You can only dust it with a scarf to keep it clean.

Try to keep your guitar in tune. At first it is going to be out of tune a lot, as a result you need to practice very much. Eventually you will get better and it will maintain in tune by itself. The more you practice, the more it is going to be in tune. One thing you should know about guitars; the older they are, the best they sound, so treat your guitar well.

In conclusion when you go shopping your guitar, remember to check the fret borads, the bridge, and remember the suggestions to how to take care of your new “baby”. My saying is “Treat it well and give in to the music world!”

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