Selection of Lubricating Oil Sand Making Machine

Selection of Lubricating Oil Sand Making Machine

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During the operation of sand making machine, it is in great need to add some lubrication oil. From the eyes of the sand making machine manufacturers, the selection of lubrication oil also needs to change in different seasons. In addition, the management of lubrication interval of sand making machine is also important. In this article, we have summed up the experience of lubrication work briefly.

1. The lubrication oil used should possess some certain heat and inoxidizability. This is because that the oil tank of sand making machine is small and the adding quantity of lubrication oil is not so large, moreover, if the sand making machine works for a long time, the temperature of each parts will be very high. So the lubrication oils should have strong thermostability.

2. As we know, during operation, the sand making machine can produce some pollutions such as dust, so the lubrication oil should has strong abilities of antirust and anticorrosion. And in this case, even if there is some impurities in the lubrication oil, the performance of it will not be greatly influenced.

3. The lubrication oils should has certain stability. In some sand making factories, the temperature difference between day and night is big. So if the quality of lubrication oil is not high enough, it will form the lubricating film and will not play the role of lubrication.

Lubrication oil has great influence on the maintenance of sand making machine which will affect the service life and working efficiency of sand making equipments. So the operators of sand making machine had better pay enough attention to the selection of lubrication oil.
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