Self Evaluation and Progress Report

Self Evaluation and Progress Report

Cody Chick
Effective Public Speaking
Professor Merritt
04 December 2008

Self-Evaluation and Progress Report

This past quarter, I did a number of speeches to help my get used to presenting information as well as knowing how to present it better. But its not only doing more speeches that help you become stronger, but also by evaluating how you have done.

1. Ice Breaker I
In my introductory speech, I saw various things that I could work on, and that I did well on. I was nervous doing this first speech which changed how I presented myself. This caused my to shift my weight and to use a minimal amount of hand gestures. I was able to use my eye contact effectively by not only looking at the camera, but to people on both sides of the room.

2. Ice Breaker II
With my second speech, I presented an article which I explained and then stated my point of view. I did much better in this speech by having a more confident posture. One thing I should have done was to lay the news article aside once I showed it. This would of helped because the article seemed to be big enough that it was a distraction to the speech.

3. Self-Disclosure Speech
This speech was about running and what t has done for me. I feel that while I progressed in some areas, I had also significantly worsened some of my abilities. One way I showed that I was on my next point, was to also step to one side. I saw this as an effective move which showed me moving on to my next point. Also, I presented a clear outline that was understandable. One area I failed in was to speak fluently. I started to use many uhhs and umms in this speech which hurt the fluid motion of this speech and the audience’s attention.

4. Ice Breaker III
The speech that I presented about being able to be any actor I wanted, improved from the last one in the smoothness of going from one point to the next. I was also loud enough and clear for everyone to easily hear me. In this speech, I lacked any outline. I did...

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